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Transparent pricing for exceptional value

Starting at $833/month*

Our flat monthly fees are designed to deliver value worth a multiple of what we charge. This minimum monthly fee includes: 

  • Four proactive meetings per year with a CFP to navigate your custom financial plan and all of your investment accounts. 
  • Four proactive bitcoin technical meetings to review your security and refresh your skills as a part of the included Unchained Signature service.
  • Additional meetings for urgent life events (job change, lost/stolen bitcoin keys, death of a loved one, etc.) 

*The fee may increase depending on the complexity of your specific situation. The more complex your situation, the higher the fee to ensure we can dedicate the appropriate time and expertise. Please note that this fee structure is designed to align our incentives - the more value we can create for you, the more we're compensated.

Factors that can increase complexity: 

  • Retiring in less than 12 months
  • Tax return complexity
  • Ownership of pass-through entities (K1s)
  • Investment property analysis
  • Advanced trust structures
  • Advanced retirement account structures/planning
  • Executive compensation and/or stock options
  • Business, LLC, or partnership structures
  • Charitable or philanthropic planning
  • Establishing your first estate plan
  • Taxable estates above exemption amount (aka. "Death Tax")
  • BTC-specific technical complexity
  • Customized portfolio management

During your Deeper Dive call, your advisor will evaluate your needs and provide a specific fee quote.

**In some cases (based on client request, potential tax advantages, or special circumstances) Sound Advisory may instead charge an asset under management (AUM) fee of 1.00% of the value of the investments we manage for you (excluding bitcoin holdings). For any other fee-related questions, please consult with your advisor.