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Every financial strategy is incomplete without a bitcoin plan

Adding just a dash of bitcoin to your portfolio can improve risk-adjusted returns. Most financial planners can't advise you how.

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Is your portfolio working as hard as you have?

Is your portfolio working as hard as you have?

You've worked hard to build your nest egg, but the 60/40 portfolio is failing to keep up with inflation. Now it's time to make your wealth work harder for you.

Even a small bitcoin allocation can dramatically boost your portfolio's growth potential.

Our advisors specialize in how to use just a dash of bitcoin to bolster your custom portfolio tailored to your lifestyle goals. Partner with us and harness bitcoin's power to maximize your portfolio's performance.

Our services

Retirement income strategies

Craft plans to fund your desired lifestyle through retirement income streams.


Legacy planning

Develop efficient inheritance and estate strategies to prepare your legacy.

Tax optimization

Learn to optimize taxes on bitcoin and other investments through proven techniques.


Portfolio management

Get expert advice on allocating your assets for retirement, including prudent bitcoin exposure.

Custom financial planning

Receive customized strategies tailored to your retirement goals and needs. We take the time to understand your unique situation.

Managing bitcoin volatility

Get guidance on smart strategies to navigate bitcoin's price fluctuations.

Seamless bitcoin onboarding

We'll help you smoothly add bitcoin to your investment portfolio.


Secure vault storage

Protect your bitcoin through Unchained's institutional-grade collaborative custody.

Bitcoin services powered by Unchained


Sleep soundly knowing that your bitcoin are secured in cold storage where you hold the keys.


Manage your tax burden. Set up Traditional and Roth bitcoin IRAs where you control the keys.

Trading & loans

Execute large trades or use your bitcoin for a loan to make large purchases or grow your business.