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Introducing Sound Advisory powered by Unchained

Introducing Sound Advisory powered by Unchained

October 18, 2023

Traditional financial advisors have overlooked bitcoin for far too long. Most advisors give suggestions that only cover some of your financial situation. Their incentives often lead to prioritizing assets like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds rather than a client’s true wealth goals.

As we’ve seen over the last few years, especially since the recent rate hikes by the Federal Reserve, the 60/40 portfolio isn’t protecting people from inflation as well as it has historically. At the same time, bitcoin has the potential to revolutionize the current financial system, and the financial advice industry will have to adapt. 

By launching Sound Advisory, we are addressing bitcoin's validity as an asset class in your financial plan: We recognize bitcoin's significance and are committed to integrating it as a legitimate asset class in your portfolio and financial plan. No longer will you feel like you need to hide your bitcoin holdings from your financial advisor! 

We’re also prioritizing:

  • Professional financial planning: Our Certified Financial Planners (CFP®)  advisors provide expert guidance on integrating your bitcoin holdings into customized financial plans and portfolios.
  • Custody solutions guidance: Gain control over your assets on your terms. 
  • A value-for-value pricing model: Our innovative approach to advisory fees employs the option for complexity-based pricing 

Even if your finances seem simple, our financial planners can help unlock extra value and protect your bitcoin while achieving your goals. We customize tax, estate, and investment plans tailored to your specific needs. Our support helps you stay invested with conviction by focusing on long-term goals, avoiding emotional reactions, dollar-cost averaging through volatility, optimizing taxes, leveraging education and community, and keeping your portfolio aligned with objectives through strategies like rebalancing. We're here to reinforce your knowledge so you can maximize the value of your bitcoin.

Trust and verify

Pulling from Unchained’s roots, Sound Advisory’s foundation is built on collaboration, technical expertise, and a relentless commitment to your financial well-being. We stand as experts in the realms of both financial planning and bitcoin. While others may excel in one area, we recognize that true success lies at the intersection of these disciplines. 

As such, Sound Advisory is deeply committed to providing advisory services built on:

Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) certification

As bitcoin disrupts traditional finance, advisors must evolve to properly account for this new asset class. The Certified Financial Planner credential is a hallmark of excellence and expertise in financial planning and investment management. It represents a commitment to professionalism, ethics, and comprehensive financial knowledge standards. 

Our advisors hold the CFP designation. Our advisors have the knowledge and skills to provide strategic guidance on optimally allocating bitcoin within investment portfolios and financial plans. With their technical expertise and fiduciary commitment, you can feel confident your bitcoin is being incorporated responsibly into a financial plan designed just for you.

Best-in-class custody

Sound Advisory is powered by Unchained’s multisig custody solutions. We provide expert guidance on holding your keys in the safest way possible, in the way that suits you best.. Whether you’re just starting out or have been in bitcoin for years, we’ll help you find the right solution. Through our commitment to multisig collaborative custody, we’ll empower you with ownership and control over your bitcoin assets at your pace. And we’ll always be here to back you up if there’s an emergency or mistake.

Transparent fees and pricing

At Sound Advisory, we believe in pulling our weight and strive to make our advice worth the cost. When you meet with your advisor, you’ll know exactly what you get, what the plan is, and what it costs. You pay in lockstep with the value we provide. Our fiduciary advice means you are the only person who pays us—no products, no commissions, and no backdoor fees. Our advice's value speaks for itself. Breaking away from the usual methods like charging based on your net worth or portfolio size, you pay for our expertise—nothing more. 

Why Sound Advisory is uniquely positioned to help you succeed

Just as every financial strategy is incomplete without a bitcoin plan, every bitcoin strategy is incomplete without a financial plan.

Our fusion of conventional wisdom and cutting-edge bitcoin knowledge ensures you'll always be prepared. By combining the power of bitcoin, the security of multisig, and tailor-made financial strategies, we're redefining the future of financial advice. You’ll have a team of experts who can dive deep into income and distribution planning, family wealth planning, tax optimization, inheritance assistance, and more. So whether you’re looking to transition to retirement, find intelligent ways to improve your cash flow, or ensure that your family is protected if you aren’t around, Sound Advisory is here to help. 

Sound Advisory isn't just another financial service—we're your bitcoin-savvy partners in achieving your financial goals.

Meet your advisor

Jessy Gilger leads the Sound Advisory team on the mission to redefine financial advice, leaning on over a decade of industry leadership. Jessy has worked with thousands of clients and helped manage hundreds of millions of dollars at prior financial firms. He also served as the Programs Director for the Financial Planning Association of Northern California. His Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) accreditation underscores his dedication to tailored and personalized strategies. 

Beyond conventional finance, he is a prominent expert on bitcoin's role in financial plans, aiding clients via his time on the Concierge, Retirement, and Inheritance teams at Unchained. He’s consulted with hundreds of clients, helping them with both financial and technical issues. 

Jessy's forte lies in simplifying intricate financial concepts, making him the go-to advisor for informed decisions. At Sound Advisory, Jessy's mission is clear: enlighten clients about the significance of financial planning and guide them toward a confident future with bitcoin as a cornerstone asset.