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Every bitcoin strategy is incomplete without a financial plan

Buying bitcoin is easy. Securing bitcoin for generations takes a strategy.

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Plan your path to financial sovereignty

Plan your path to financial sovereignty

You understand the immense potential of bitcoin. A robust financial plan will allow you to save even more bitcoin by navigating the legacy financial system effectively. 

Tax optimization, estate strategies, legacy planning - optimize and protect the bitcoin you have and the bitcoin you intend to pass on to your heirs.

Formulate the financial fortress to achieve lifestyle goals and make your bitcoin work for you. Control your financial future, without compromising your bitcoin values.

Our services

Tax optimization

Optimize taxes on your bitcoin to maximize long-term holdings.


Legacy planning

Create an inheritance plan to securely pass on your bitcoin to heirs.


Secure vault storage

Keep your keys and protect your bitcoin with multi-signature vaults and expert key management.


Portfolio management

Get expert advice on allocating your assets for retirement, including prudent bitcoin exposure.

Goals-based planning

Define your objectives and craft plans to achieve them.

Volatility strategies

Get guidance on smart strategies to navigate bitcoin's price fluctuations.

Security reviews

Ensure your bitcoin storage and practices are hardened against risks.

Ongoing guidance

Get support to adapt your plan as life and markets change.

Bitcoin services powered by Unchained


Sleep soundly knowing that your bitcoin are secured in cold storage where you hold the keys.


Manage your tax burden. Set up Traditional and Roth bitcoin IRAs where you control the keys.

Trading & loans

Execute large trades or use your bitcoin for a loan to make large purchases or grow your business.