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Bitcoin is here to stay. Financial advice needs an upgrade.

Sound Advisory is leading that charge. We're financial advisors for the bitcoin era.

Sound Advisory was founded by bitcoin pioneers from Unchained, a leader in collaborative multi-signature bitcoin custody. We're determined to bridge the knowledge gap and integrate bitcoin into investment strategies and financial plans, unlocking its potential for clients. Our advisors specialize in educating and guiding clients to thrive financially in a bitcoin-powered world.

Our values

Your goals first

We create fully customized plans optimized for your financial objectives. Bitcoin allocation is determined by your goals.

Focused portfolios

Portfolios focused on proper asset allocation, diversification, systematic rebalancing, minimizing taxes and fees, and appropriate risk management.

Personalized for you

No two plans are the same. Service is customized based on your unique situation, preferences, values, and knowledge of key asset classes.

Embrace collaboration

Your input is critical at all stages. We're your trusted navigator, not just your advisor. Our plans are co-created and are adjusted based on your changing goals.

Filter out the noise

There is an abundance of financial news and market predictions. We aim to separate signals from noise and remain disciplined, avoiding emotional investing.

Proactive guidance

Consistently revisit your plan to ensure it remains optimized as your life evolves. We provide you resources and guidance every step of the way.

Our advisory team

Jessy Gilger, CFP<sup>&#174;</sup>

Jessy Gilger, CFP®

Jessy has over a decade of experience in the financial industry. He started at a large firm where he saw the limitations of one-size-fits-all advice, sparking his passion for more personalized service. Eager to focus on each client’s unique needs, Jessy moved to progressively smaller practices and earned his CFP® designation along the way. He also played a vital role as the Programs Chair for the Financial Planning Association of Northern California, showcasing his dedication to fostering a thriving financial planning community.

Jessy's expertise extends beyond traditional finance, as he is also deeply knowledgeable about bitcoin's potential in reshaping the financial industry. At Unchained, he helped numerous clients with bitcoin-focused consultations and technical onboardings. He sees bitcoin as a cornerstone asset for building solid financial plans.

Client Centered

Outside of poring over financial statements, you can find Jessy jamming on his guitar, playing chess with friends, or indulging in his favorite sushi spots. As for cooked food, nothing beats a medium-rare ribeye. He loves spending weekends disconnected from tech, camping and riding bikes with his wife and son, immersed in nature and embracing life's simple pleasures.

At Sound Advisory, Jessy melds his passion for educating with his knack for simplifying complex money topics. He gets great joy in guiding clients towards financial freedom and looks forward to doing so for many years to come.

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